Hey There, I'm Joe Scharf

Hello, and Welcome

Thanks for stopping by. I'm Joe Scharf, and on these pages you can get to know a little about me and some of the things I'm thinking about and working on.

Tech leader, investor, founder

I'm an experienced technology leader, investor, and founder. I typically work in early-stage startups leading sofware engineering teams that build cloud (SaaS) platforms.

Creative, thinker, doer

I enjoy creating things and at any given time I usually have a few projects in the works. A good challenge satisfies my curiosity and helps me stay current with technology.

Outdoor enthusiast

But I'm not all about work. I live in Colorado and enjoy the outdoors. Mountain biking, skiing, running and the occasional surf trip are a few of my favorite things!

Engineering Happiness

Occasionally I help tech companies in a Fractional CTO capacity that are experiencing difficulties creating happy, productive engineering teams. Some of the common symptoms I've remedied:

High developer turnover, frustration, low morale

This is the most common issue I see with engineering teams, especially when lead by non-technical or first-time founders. It is most often a result of constantly changing priorities, interrupted work, and unfinished projects. Can usually be remedied by a thoughtful prioritization process, understanding of capabilities, patience, and trust.

Software development takes forever

Often a problem with your software development process and can often be remedied with a lightweight definition process up-front followed by a longer iteration and the agreement that teams will ship something.