Joe Scharf

Software Engineering Leader for SaaS startups, Full Stack Developer, Web3 Advisor

Current Status

  • Leading software development teams for early to mid-stage startups as a Fractional CxO.
  • Active Full-stack development using Go, NextJS, Postgresql, AWS, TailwindCSS.
  • Researching and advising on web3 strategy and solidity development.
  • Researching climate change and longevity topics.

Lead, Execute, Innovate

Over 15 years leading software and product for cloud startups (ex. SendGrid, Techstars). Gitcoin KERNEL Fellow.

Leading Effective Engineering Teams

Building and leading effective Software Engineering teams is harder than it seems. Communication, prioritization, mentoring, and motivating are recurring activities that are critical to the success of a team.

Navigate and Leverage Web3

I am active in the Web3 community with a pragmatic approach to navigating the popular narratives to identify the technologies and tools that are most useful for startups.

Early and Growth Startups

I work with early and mid-stage startups that need to establish their first engineering team, are looking to expand and scale their existing teams, or are experiencing growth issues and need to solve them.

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Engineering Happiness

I help tech companies in a Fractional CTO / Engineering Management capacity that are experiencing difficulties creating happy, productive engineering teams.

My happy team is more productive than your "productive" team.

Adapting to the Future of Work

The way knowledge workers work has been undergoing changes over the last decade and the pandemic has only accelerated this evolution. Remote First, asynchronous communications, flexible and reduced schedules, are not something to be feared. Making the transition to these working styles results in increased output, happier, healthier employees and more loyalty and employee retention.

High developer turnover, frustration, low morale

This is the most common issue I see with engineering teams, especially when lead by non-technical or first-time founders. It is most often a result of constantly changing priorities, interrupted work, and unfinished projects. Can usually be remedied by a thoughtful prioritization process, understanding of capabilities, patience, and trust.

Attracting, Evaulating and Retaining Engineers

Remote first has simultaneously increased the available software engineering talent pool and increased competition for the best developers. Recruiting and retaining software engineers is more challenging than ever but startups can stand out among the pack by transitioning to the future of work and learning how to operate a diverse and inclusive organization.

Software development takes forever

Often a problem with your software development process and can often be remedied with a lightweight definition process up-front followed by a longer iteration and the agreement that teams will ship something.

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