ArticleWhen Four Day Weeks Become Three

Remember: Output Delivered >> Time Spent Working

Joe Scharf
Joe Scharf
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National Holidays can turn a four day work week into an even shorter three day week. Here's how to deal with this situation.

Labor Day, an American holiday celebrating the social and economic achievements of American workers, is observed on the first Monday in September. Labor Day is an example where a #4DayWeek results in a four day weekend due to the holiday and a three day week that follows.

Some companies, as they transition from a 5 day week to a 4 day week, may be uncomfortable with an occasional 3 day week! They will come up with convoluted policies to mitigate these edge cases or scrap the idea of a four-day week altogether.

Keep things simple and remember that the future of work is focusing on output delivered vs. time in front of the keyboard. Managers and ICs should consider whether things are on track for a given iteration and adjust their schedules accordingly based on where things stand.