Web3 Research Update February 2022

Joe Scharf

Joe Scharf

2 min read

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I've jumped back into web3 in around December of 2021 after learning about DAOs and getting excited about the possibilities they hold for better coordination and ownership on a global scale. Since then I thought it would be good to reflect on what I've learned in three months since.

  • I’ve been learning about Decentralized Finance (DeFi) through an investigation of Olympus v2 contracts to understand the mechanisms of the $OHM token. This has also helped to get me back up to speed on solidity development
  • Attended a five-week DAO Pioneers learning group to deep dive on everything DAOs, governance, voting, and tokenomics
  • Accepted to GitcoinDAO and have been working through the Moonshot Collective Speed Run Ethereum quests and spending time on their bleeding-edge typescript version and eth-hooks-v4.
  • Completed and deployed Nader Dabit’s NFT Marketplace app, and improved it with typescript, multi-chain capability, and simplified deploy and testing framework with hardhat-deploy (my repo)
  • Created my first POAP for my Zwift racing team.
  • Was accepted to the Kernel0x web3 community as a KB5 fellow and I am on week three as I write this. I’ve been diving deep into DAOs, DeFi, and Tokenomics as well as exploring an opportunity to bring web2 into the web3 space.
  • I am continuing to explore solidity, work through various applications and protocols, while coming up to speed on hacks and security considerations. It’s my goal to have a firm understanding of solidity patterns and protocols as I believe this is a powerful tool that unlocks a lot of possibility in the future.
  • Finally, I’m looking to secure a Developer DAO membership NFT soon so I can join that community. I love their vibe and the content they produce.

If you’re considering jumping into web3 yourself, my advice is not to hesitate. Yes there’s a lot of noise, hype, and grifters a-plenty which you should expect in an ecosystem with crazy economics. But more importantly, there’s also a lot of opportunity, innovative technology, good people, and real potential to improve the way we live our lives.

That’s all for now. Feel free to reach out (@joescharf) if you would like to chat about web3, or any of the projects I’m working on!