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by Joe Scharf/ on 22 Aug 2019

Remote Teams: the Latest Unfair Advantage

Rewind about a decade and we all understand the story of how startups, open source, SaaS, and mobile technology are now challenging the large, slow, less innovative mega corporations.

Since startups have been the driving force in changing the landscape of society through innovative uses of technology, we’ve seen some changes in how startups launch and scale:

  • Use of PaaS / IaaS to scale
  • Software frameworks
  • Accelerators for initial funding / launch

Remote teams are the latest change startups are beginning to adopt. In the past, remote teams have primarily been ok when it comes to offshoring to scale development and attempt to save money.

Benefits of adopting a remote workforce:

  • Reduced expenses (real estate, demographic)
  • Eliminated commuter costs (time, parking, fuel)
  • Recruit and hire the best talent around the globe
  • Create an around-the-clock workforce (24x7 follow-the-sun)
  • Environmental

Cons * Disconnectedness, loneliness * Communications bandwidth / efficiency * Timezone issues *